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For 13 years Train Refunds has been on the side of commuters helping with compensation claims caused by delays from the train operators.

Now Mark Mainwood and Gavin Davies, two commuters themselves, have launched the Train Refunds App and Web service which goes even further towards helping you claim what is rightfully yours!

After years of commuting Mark and Gavin finally had enough of being late for work and late home. Whilst the train companies offer the delay repay forms it’s not always easy to remember which journeys were delayed and moreover having the time to fill out the form in the busy world we live in is not always the simplest thing.

With the new service Mark and Gavin hope that commuters find it a useful tool to aid them claim their entitlement to a refund. Our new version now includes cancellations making it even easier for commuters to see complete transparency of published data.

Mark and Gavin always welcome feedback and encourage the commuter community to get social on our Twitter and Facebook page.

We love hearing from you so…

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