Commuters who use our app love to shout about it.  We are proud of the difference our service is making to our fellow commuters so please see below for a small selection of Twitter comments from our followers.

If you want to get involved and see for yourself why you need to get the app then

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@Trainrefunds I love your app soooooo much! you’ve gotta share this

try the @Trainrefunds app. Its brilliant

@Trainrefunds – using your app is sooo much easier than delay repay!

@trainrefunds app is a must have travel accessory

Regular train users anywhere in the country, why not follow @Trainrefunds to help with those pesky #DelayRepay claims.Download their app too

@Trainrefunds The app makes it easy & convenient to claim when entitled. Previously, I just didn’t bother as too much hassle.

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