What We’ve Achieved

Train Refunds have been championing for the Commuter for the past 10 years.  With the launch of our new app in January 2014 Train Refunds has been positioned at the forefront of commuter’s rights fighting for their voices to be heard.  With coverage, in the local and national press, word soon spread about the new must have app for all commuters.  As our Twitter followers told their friends and work colleagues, Train Refunds became a focus point for information regarding delays and cancellations from the Train Operators.  As we collated information it became clear that commuters needed a voice outside of social networking that would be heard by politicians, other commuter organisations and the press who would be able to highlight the frustrations commuters face day in day out.


We have successfully delivered a solution to commuters and now we want to take it further.  We want commuters all over the UK to feel empowered whilst using the Train Operators’ service.  With your help we will continue to develop the app and our website to give commuters the service and voice they need.  We need your input, after all this service is by commuters for commuters!


If you have any suggestions or would like to comment on our service please get in touch via our email address helpme@trainrefunds.co.uk


Don’t forget to check out our Active Campaigns page which will give you up to date information on what Train Refunds is currently doing for Commuters.

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