The App

Train Refunds wants to help commuters, like us, claim the compensation they are owed.  As well as our new Web service the App helps you keep track of delays and cancellations enabling the user to claim for them in 2 simple clicks.
We fill the form out for you so all you have to do is print it and send it. We even give you details of where to send the form.
To make the most out of the App you should input the details of your train ticket in the “Tickets” tab. This will enable you to automatically see the claimable delays on your line in the “My Delays” tab. If you prefer not to do this you can still search for delays on any line using our Custom Search in the “My Delays” tab.
Once your “Profile” and “Tickets” tabs are completed you will be notified by the App if there are any cancellations or claimable delays on your line. This will be updated daily.
To claim for a journey you were on simply click on the delay in “My Delays”. This will display the details of the journey. If you are satisfied you travelled on this delayed train simply click “Claim” in the right hand corner. An email will be sent to you with instructions and an attachment. The attachment is your filled in claim form.
Print the claim form and sign it. The address of where to send it will be provided. Check the form is correct and pop it in the post to the correct address.  The train company will review your compensation claim and contact you directly.
The app now shows cancellations as well as delays. You will see cancellations for the first 7 days after you register. After this time the cancellations will only be available to users on the Pro version of the app. The process for claiming cancellations replicates that of delays however, when claiming a refund for a cancelled train, you must be satisfied you were delayed for the claimable period of time stipulated by your train operator.
Reasons to upgrade to the Pro Version…

  1. You get unlimited claims forms filled in for you. Just click, print, sign and send.
  2. See 28 days of claimable delay history (Lite version only shows 7 days)
  3. You get to see all cancellation data forever (Lite version only shows cancellations for 7 days after account opening)
  4. No more daily pop ups.
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